Our Clinic is staffed with a School Health Assistant. Each new school year, parents are required to complete an Emergency Student Information form with names and phone numbers of people authorized to pick up your child if you are unable to be reached. In an emergency, 911 may be called.

We are required to follow OCPS Policy:

  • Please keep your child at home when showing signs and symptoms of being ill. Some of the signs and symptoms to look for are Fever (100.0 or above), Diarrhea, Rash, Red Eyes (itchy, crusty, discharge), Nausea, Vomiting, Chills. Please seek medical attention as needed.

  • Children with above normal temperatures will be sent home immediately.

  • Parents/guardians must bring all medications, prescribed and over-the-counter, to the front office in the original labeled container. Parents/guardians will be required to fill out a Medication Authorization form for each medication before medication(s) can be dispensed. Notes from home will not be accepted as authorization. Do not send medication to school with the child or siblings.  Any medication brought to school without a Medication Authorization form will be held by the School Health Assistant and the parent will be contacted. For safety and security reasons, medications must be transported to and from school by the parent/guardian.

 Your cooperation with this policy is greatly appreciated.

Head Lice

Head lice are found in all schools. OCPS policy states that any student with head lice may not remain in school. Students with lice will be isolated until taken home. To prevent the spread of lice, the child and home should be completely treated using recommended shampoo and procedures. Lice and/or nits must be removed at home before returning to school. Children who are sent home with lice or nits must be brought to school by an adult and checked in the clinic before they will be allowed to return to class. They will not be allowed on the bus until they have been checked. It is advisable to check your child’s head weekly.